Annual Kata Course 2014

The weekend of the 6th & 7th April saw members for all NIKW clubs come together to get the same high level tuition on Kata training from 7th Dan Sensei Brunton.

Children Kata course

Saturday gave an opportunity for children to learn at their own pace and level. Many students got the chance to learn their next Kata, and older children began to appreciate that the movements of the Kata become irrelevant. The true training of Kata lies within how you execute each defence or attack.



The theme of analysing karate technique continued on Sunday when adult members were given the chance to look further into how to correctly execute blocks and punches.

Kata Course

Students heard Sensei Brunton, a 7th Dan black belt with the JKF explain; the ultimate aim of good karate technique is to generate fast, powerful movements with minimum effort and energy.

Many students took the chance to be examined for their next grade, with many students successfully making the grade. For students who didnt get the pass there are plenty of opportunities to get some extra training in, either in other clubs or at our Central Dojo in Belfast. Congratulations to all.