Karate Olympic Quest

Karate has been announced today as one of the 8
sports shortlisted by Tokyo 2020 between the 26 sports candidates. Now the second phase starts, and the shortlisted candidates will have to submit new documents to Tokyo 2020 by the 22nd  of July.

After that, in early August these 8 shortlisted candidates will hold meetings in Tokyo with the Tokyo 2020 team, with the decision of the events to be finally proposed by Tokyo 2020 to the IOC being announced September 30th.



After that, this Tokyo 2020 proposal will be examined by the IOC Programme Commission, then by the IOC Executive Board and finally by the IOC Session of July 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, that will take the final decision.

The WKF and the JKF have been intensively working for many months in the candidature, and we will continue working towards the Olympic quest irrespective of the outcome of next September, convinced that the our Federation and the sport it represents will sooner or later obtain the deserved reward.

As you can see, this are a very difficult and complex process and target, with as much as 26 candidates in the first phase that now have been reduced to 8 and will be further reduced In the final September proposal from Tokyo 2020 to the IOC.


Antonio Espinós
WKF President