Kihon Gumite Course

The NIKW hosted Sensei Brunton on Saturday 21st February, who impressed those attending by discussing the detail that lies within the Kihon Gumite of Wado-Kai. The event took place at the Wado-Kai centre of excellence in Belfast.

Students got a chance to discuss their understanding of the movements and were guided in where they were going wrong at an individual level. This allowed a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the Wado-Kai technique, and karate more generally. To be in a position to protect yourself at all times, while being able to hit your opponent at the opportune time.


Kihon Gumite Course

Sensei Brunton demonstrates the technique required

Sensei Brunton highlighted, “These courses are essential for improving. Only at these specialised courses can we devote the time to analyse why Karate should be done a particular way. Students get real benefit, as they can be corrected on areas specific to them.”

Some advanced students were able to draw on Sensei Bruntons vast experience, improving their technique to make their Karate practical in a real fighting situation, while other students took advantage to help prepare them for their next grading.


Kihon Gumite

One student commented “I really enjoyed today. I was guided by Sensei Brunton on a couple of areas and in particular Kihon 4 on where I should be holding my weight while adopting the correct stance. I can see how I would have more control of my opponent while placing myself in a better position to attack. I’ll be applying this knowledge to other areas of my karate training.”

It was stressed in the course, only by training at the technique within the movements will your karate become of any benefit.