Knife Defence Course 2014

Students got first class training, in dealing with various knife attacks on Saturday 22nd March. Students worked together in a safe, controlled environment, using the official Wado-Kai techniques to explore these flexible and adaptive movements.

Knife defence
One of the participants commented,
“This course gave students a rare opportunity to practice the official Wado Kai Tanto Dori (knife defence) techniques under the guidance of a 7th Dan Instructor.


Sensei Brunton’s explanation and demonstration as usual were clear and easy to understand.


Knife defence course



Throughout the course it became clear that without proper timing these techniques would be totally ineffective and dangerous against an attacker with a knife. Since they are closely related to the movements of the Wado Kata they require the same level of practice before they become effective.


As such it makes sense to become familiar with these techniques early in your karate training so that they can be included in your daily practice.”
These techniques are vital to translate your regular training into practical application, so that your Karate will become effective.