Kumite Masterclass

NIKW students got top class tuition over the weekend of the 18th and 19th October, from chief instructor and International Kumite champion James Brunton.

The young students had their chance on Saturday to listen to instruction on aspects of Kumite training that will help them in future competitions.
Chief instructor Sensei Brunton, pointed out some key facts about punching correctly and the importance of protecting yourself against your opponent.
The young students got the chance to partner with someone of their own age and get some experience in front of an opponent, putting into practice the key points made during the class. The course is well supervised and students began to break down the fears of getting hurt allowing them to increase their confidence and chances of being successful at future competitions.


Adults had the same opportunity on Sunday to pick up top tips to move their skills on further.
A broad range of students with varying degrees of fitness and flexibility could make use of the information at their own pace and ability, whilst still being put through a tough training day.



Some students took the opportunity to take their next grading exam with many passing. This indicates many are progressing well agaisnt the strict standards within the NIKW. These gradings are the benchmark students need to meet to know they are improving. Congratulations to those who passed. Sensei Brunton reminded students of the importance of taking part in competition Karate. The recent NI Karate board championships were a typical example and the upcoming North South Open championship on 14th February 2015 will be the next chance everyone can put their karate skills to the test.

Students should note dedicated Kumite training is available every Monday & Friday night in central dojo, Belfast. All welcome.