Members revel in Kumite Training

Members across the association came together on the 19th & 20th Oct to pick up top tips from Sensei Brunton 7th Dan JKF. Sensei Brunton has trained NIKW Kumite champions James Brunton & Craig Ryan, who have taken many medals at various international championships in recent years.
Saturday morning gave an opportunity for the younger students to get some experience at sparring with someone their own age. At these ages, its important to instill some confidence and composure when punching or blocking an opponent. These courses are excellent for devoting the time for this to be worked on.
The young people had plenty of time to work off some energy and use their enthusiasm to put the instruction into action.
Gradings for many of the young people followed with many successfully passing.

Adults were given the chance then on Sunday to improve their skills, techniques when facing an opponent. A wide variety of combinations were worked on to give students a good range of attacks and defense moves to use in competitions.
Though fitnes and flexibility is crucial, more emphasis was placed on the technique, with the principles of rhythm and timing, to face an opponent.

Sensei Brunton commented, “I really enjoy seeing students taking part in these courses. They start to get a sense of reality in a combat situation. We have well developed methods and drills that are used in a safe and controlled manner to allow students to get experience. They begin to see the scale of the journey they are on, in order to be able use their Karate for self defense. Its great to see many students passing their grading exams, though students need to ensure they step up their training for grades in the future. The NIKW will continue to maintain a high standard for the various belts. Well done to all”.