New Karate club in Armagh

The NIKW are delighted to have a new local karate club based in Armagh, join its Association. The Instructor is Eddie McConnell, who has been studying Karate with the NI Karate-Do Wado-Kai since 2006.
The first class will begin at 10am on Saturday 14th September, with regular classes every Saturday at 10am to 11am onwards. Those interested should contact Eddie using the contact details on our clubs page. Like all NIKW members, the students will along with their regular training, be able to access the top quality tuition of Sensei Oliver Brunton 7th Dan JKF, at its regular courses and classes in Belfast at our Central Dojo. The belts students achieve will also be recognised by the NI Karate Board, the official governing body for Karate.