NI Karate Board Host Successful Karate Competition at the WPFG 2013

The Northern Ireland Karate Board, called on members from the NIKW and other karate clubs across Northern Ireland and further afield to stage the Karate event for the World Police & Fire Games 2013.
The Karate event ran alongside Judo in the Shankill Leisure Centre on the 3rd & 4th August. Many local spectators enjoyed attending the event, and were impressed with the quality of the participants. The games gave the public the chance to experience their first Karate competition and allowed the competitors to demonstrate their skills in front of an enthusiastic crowd.


Officials at the games


The Karate event provided all NI Karate Board members a chance to participate in staging the Games. Those who volunteered gained great experience in managing a high class sporting event. Referees & officials further enhanced their experience of refereeing top class competition and will serve to further develop the standard of karate in Northern Ireland.




Sensei Oliver Brunton 7th Dan JKF & President of the NI Karate Board commented; “These games have been extremely successful. We have worked hard planning the event for many months, but we are delighted to have staged a great competition with great feedback from the competitors. This event has shown, association with the NI Karate Board, has provided members an opportunity to develop their experience & knowledge within Karate, along with providing a basis for all its members to broaden their friendships, in particular across different communities”.