NIKW Association Kata Course – April 2015


We held a very successful Kata course across the weekend of the 11th & 12th April.
On Saturday, young members of the association got the opportunity to receive some intensive training that will stand them in good stead.


Childrens_Kata_Course_Apr15_2Sensei Brunton 7th Dan passed on his many years of experience, highlighting the importance of practicing correctly to ensure future success. By simply kicking and punching in any way you choose, it will be impossible to improve. One must attempt to kick and punch using the correct technique. Then one can say they are practicing Karate-Do.

Grading examinations took place in the afternoon, with many reaching the grade and continuing their progress. Well done.


Sunday, saw adults gain some further detailed knowledge that will help them improve their Karate.
Many had the chance to progress and learn a new Wado-Kai Kata, enhancing their knowledge.
Again, applying correct technique in one’s training was a feature of the instruction with many leaving the course much more confident in how best to approach their training.Childrens_Kata_Course_Apr15_3