NIKW at Wado-Kai Masters seminar

NIKW Chief Instructor Sensei Brunton attended the recent Japanese Wado-Kai masters course over the weekend of the 22nd/23rd November 2014.

Accompanied by fellow NIKW instructor James Brunton, both commented it was a highly valuable and insightful course covering many aspects of Wado-Kai Karate.
The course was delivered by Hideho Takagi Sensei and Tamaki Sonoda Sensei, both demonstrating immense knowledge and experience.

Detailed technical points were discussed throughout the course, re-affirming the NIKW’s focus of teaching technique that is studied at the highest level.

Whilst the quick & fine techniques may yet to be perfected at the higher levels for many students, having these demonstrated and continually taught in their own dojo remains the key for students, in time, to be able to master. The NIKW reinforces this study by hosting many courses and opportunities for all students to move their karate to higher levels of understanding. The NIKW Winter training camp is a prime example students should avail of.




Sensei Brunton was honoured by being part of the Dan grade assessment panel which was conducted during the seminar




NIKW students can be assured grading assessments are bench marked from this high level.