NIKW holds successful Summer Training camp

The NI Karate-Do Wado-Kai continues to drive the standard of Karate to its highest levels. One way, was to develop the annual summer training camp, which lasts four full days. This four day intensive course provides the time & high level instruction, so students have the chance of improving their Karate.

Thursday, saw students from across NI, travel to the NI Karate-Do Wado-Kai Centre of Excellence. Kihon waza, basic kicks and punches were studied in detail, with Sensei Brunton 7th Dan JKF, highlighting the importance of applying technique such as timing, co-ordination and soft movement.

Friday, started with a review of some important elements that students need to apply to their karate moves in order to be succesful against an opponent. This prepared them for practising with a fellow student. An attacker and defender studied the pre-arranged moves, Oyho Gumite and the more advanced Kihon Gumite. Studying distance, timing along with Zanshin (awareness) were all dealt with, Sensei Brunton at times showing the incredible skill possible, when dealing with an attacker with devastating effect. A skill he has perfected over the 50 years of study of the martial art.

Saturday was reserved for Kata training. An element of Karate training which the NIKW hold in high regard, due to its traditional teachings. All those attended, who ranged from white belt to black belt were able to consider their own level of technique and how well they were progressing. Many were given the time to learn a new Kata and continue to expand the range of Kata they know, while other advanced students delved into the finer technical points, with the help of Sensei Brunton.

Sunday, the final day of the intensive training, allowed students to develop some Kumite training. In particular Kumite (sparring with an opponent) for competition. Sensei James Brunton 3rd Dan, with his numerous international competition titles shared some insightful techniques and methods to get the edge on an opponent. In the afternoon, some students decided to take the offical grading exam, by demonstrating their skill in performing the requirements as set out in the syllabus.

Congratulations to those who passed, and for those who didnt, continue training at the technique and not just the movements, and you will succeed.

The consensus among those who attended was, if you dont see the technique demonstrated, its going to be very difficult to be inspired to reach a level of Karate that is truly practical for self defense.