NIKW Instructor – Studies in Japan

The Brunton Karate dynasty’s position within the Japanese Wado system has been consolidated with James Brunton’s invitation to train at the dojos or training halls of some of the top karate masters in the Pacific archipelago.

James, who sJames 1tarted karate as a child, has been learning the ancient art from his father, Irish karate ace, Oliver Brunton. Oliver has been training at karate for over half a century and regularly visits Japan for top level instruction. Several years ago he took the examination for and passed the elite level of seventh dan (black belt) with the Japanese Wado-Kai.


Over the years Oliver has gained the respect of the top Wado karate instructors in Japan so much so they have decided to take his son James under their wing and to nurture the love of pure karate technique he has inherited from his father.

With six British karate titles under his belt, along with numerous international titles including a championship title at the prestigious American Karate Open, James has reigned over the British karate competition scene for over a decade. But, as Oliver has demonstrated, perfecting the technical side of the art is a process of life long learning and James has provJames 3en his willingness to take on the challenge.


He said: “I am very lucky to have had access to someone of my father’s caliber to keep me training in the right direction and doubly fortunate to have had instruction from him for the two decades I have been practicing karate. He has never deviated from the path of pure technique advocated by the masters of the home of karate – Japan.


During his time in Japan, James will be training at the personal dojos of three of the top Japanese instructors –  Takagi, Yanagita and Sonida. It is very rare for a European to be given such a privileged opportunity to spend time with these top men.

“It is because of him I have been given the opportunity to spend the summer in Japan learning more from the top men about this beautiful, complex and intriguing art.”


Oliver founded the Northern Ireland Karate-Do Wado-Kai (NIKW) in the early 1970’s so people here could tap into the technical side of Japanese karate in its purest form. Oliver is still the Technical Director of the NIKW with James acting as senior instructor. He related: “James has already proved invaluable promoting the benefits of this form of karate to our students. His enthusiasm for helping others develop themselves has benefitted young and old in their personal evolvement.”

Undoubtedly proud of his son’s achievements in the fighting arena, Oliver is delighted he has followed him in the study of technical perfection and committed himself to this fantastic opportunity. He concluded: “I know this can only be good for James and ultimately those in the NIKW who continue to train with him.’