NIKW Members get high class tuition on the 5 Pinan Kata.

Karate-Ka from North & South of the border came together to get high class tuition from Sensei Brunton 7th Dan JKF. The NIKW hosted the course, aimed at studying the 5 Pinan Kata of Wado-Kai. Students started off naturally warming up with some basic kicks & punches. After, Sensei Brunton moved quickly on to the first Kata Pinan Nidan, taking an in-depth look at the movements and how the technique should be applied so that they are effective against opponents. Student’s experienced that Kata, although must be performed in a strict way, many of the moves can be adapted to suit many different scenario’s. One student commented; “I enjoyed today, I was able to see that learning Kata is also learning practical self defense. Sensei Brunton was able to demonstrate how the moves in a Kata, can be changed and adapted to suit real life attack situations”. G Reynolds (NIKW Central Dojo member)