Scottish Open International 2014

Belfast karate international, James Brunton, claimed the fighting arena in Edinburgh’s Meadowbank stadium as his own during the Scottish International Karate Open by claiming two championship titles in the senior men’s events.

Sparring in the halls under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, Brunton showed he was worthy of his mantle as one of the princes of British karate by taking gold medal in his weight category, under 84kg.
He then moved on to the prestigious senior male open event, where he was up against some of the finest fighters of his generation, and took his second gold of the day.

The championships attracted elite athletes from all over Europe, as well as a team from North America. They served as a prequel to the European Karate Federation (EKF) Championships which will be held in the Finnish city of Tampere at the beginning of May. Brunton will be travelling there next week as the sole competitor from Northern Ireland who has qualified to take part in this elite event.

Current British champion Brunton has amassed a score of global fighting titles since he entered the international karate circuit as a pre-teen over 16 years ago. These two latest successes have boosted confidence he will cut glass at the EKF event in Finland.
James has been trained to international standard by his father, Irish karate ace, Oliver Brunton of the Northern Ireland Karate-Do Wado-Kai, who has been perfecting this fighting art for over half a century and is currently President of karate in Northern Ireland.

Another of Oliver’s protégés, Lisburn’s Craig Ryan was at the Scottish event, where he took a silver medal in his weight category, and a gold medal in the open weight category in the male junior events.

Newcastle’s Rory O’Boyle of the Karate Union of Northen Ireland (KUNI) won silver in his weight category of the male junior events.
In the female cadet events, Banbridge’s Victoria Bushy and Rachel McDonnell, both of KUNI, took silver and bronze medals in their respective weight categories.