Spring Training Camp 2014


Karate kingpin, Oliver Brunton moved a step closer to realising his vision of imparting the technique of traditional wado karate onto the next generation of karate students during the three days of the NIKW spring training seminar.
For over half a century Oliver has dedicated his life to perfecting the methods behind this ancient art designed to be the ultimate self defence system. Enthusiastic students eager to glean from his knowledge gathered at the Ganaway Activity Centre outside Ballywalter from Friday 7th March through to Sunday for an intensive training course designed to enhance their skills.
Over the past 50 odd years, Oliver has trained at karate daily, at times for up to eight hours, and is now regarded as one of the most skilful practitioners in Europe. He has travelled frequently to Japan to learn more about the art to which he has dedicated his entire adult life.

Spring Training camp
One student summarised the course and commented;
“Over the weekend the techniques of Wado Ryu Karate were broken down and explained in detail by Sensei Oliver Brunton who has dedicated over 50 years of his life to perfecting the art of generating incredible power with seemingly effortless movement.
While it takes a lifetime of dedicated practice to perfect this type of movement it is vital that you understand how to practice correctly.

This is where Sensei Brunton’s ability to explain this technical detail helps to keep his students on the right path and avoid wasted years of incorrect practice.
We were also treated to a world class Kumite session with James Brunton 3rd Dan, who is the current under 84kg British champion and Ireland’s top Kumite specialist. The theme of effortless efficiency, was continued as students were taken through the fighting drills and techniques that have shaped James into the top ranking competitor he is today.
All in all a Master class from the Brunton school of excellence.”

Oliver’s proficiency at pure Wado karate has been recognised on many occasions by the Japanese Karate Federation (JKF) He became the first European to become a Technical Examiner with JKF, and was honoured with the title of Kyoshi or Doctor by the Japanese Federation. Oliver obtained another first when he recently travelled to Japan to do a rigorous grading examination in front of a board of Japanese masters, resulting in him being unanimously passed to the grade of 7th Dan with the JKF, the first non-Japanese national to be awarded this grade.
Many of those practicing karate have come to recognise his teaching ability, and keen to enrich their own understanding of the art have availed of opportunities to study under him.
“Over the past few years I have seen a number of people here start to change the way they approach their training,” Oliver highlighted.
“This can only be of benefit to them and safeguard the techniques of traditional Japanese karate in Northern Ireland.”