3rd Brunton Cup 2018, NIKW Champions

Brunton Cup 2018 Sponsor Eye Feel Good

The 3rd Brunton Cup tournament was held in Antrim, on the 2nd June 2018.
The tournament traveled to Antrim this year being part of the Antrim Festival and was kindly supported by Eye Feel Good, a local charity supporting healthy, fun activities in the local area.


Sensei Brunton, President of the NI Karate Board and founder of the tournament, was delighted with the commitment and spirit of both competitors & all the club supporters; “It is really heartening to see the commitment and passion from everyone today. I can easily see the commitment all the coaches are giving to their students. This is important for good karate technique to flourish in their students. Also the spirit and enthusiasm shown by all the competitors is excellent. There has been a tremendous spirit of competitiveness, yet in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. This is now our third tournament, and I can easily see the progress & development of those who have been competing since the first tournament in 2016”.

Brunton Cup 2018 action shot      Brunton Cup 2018 action shot

Brunton Cup 2018 action shot
Sensei Brunton added; “the Brunton cup is staged specifically for young competitors, to support the NI Karate Board’s aim to produce experienced competitors that can represent Northern Ireland at international level. The competition aims to be a platform for our young students to get vital experience as early as possible”.



Brunton Cup 2018 action shot Brunton Cup 2018 action shot
Brunton Cup 2018 action shot                     Brunton Cup 2018 action shot

Congratulations to all the competitors  and to the NIKW who secured overall association winner of the event.

Brunton Cup 2018 Finalists

Brunton Cup 2018 Finalists

Photos courtesy of David Patterson

Individual & Club Results:

Girls 6 & 7 yrs KumiteTierna LaveryNIKWNiamh LaganNIKWWilliamina MakNIKWPatricia ZawierunchiMN Karate
Boys 6 & 7 yrs KumiteEoin CrawfordJKS IrelandEnzo GowdyNIKWOliver FeeNIKWLiam ShekNIKW
Girls 8 & 9 yrs KumiteTammy PorterJKS IrelandMya GrahamJKS IrelandNiamh HackettNIKWFaye MileyMN Karate
Boys 8 & 9 yrs KumiteBrodie HanniganJKS IrelandAaditya RamenNIKWFrancis McAllisterNIKWAryan MukherjeeNIKW
Girls 10 & 11 yrs under 6th Kyu KumiteCodi ConnollyJKS IrelandChantelle CorbettNIKWSaoirse CorbettNIKWAmy BranniganNIKW
Boys 10 & 11 yrs under 6th Kyu KumiteCovey GallagherJKS IrelandJack CarsonNIKWLennox CreightonNIKWEoin MorganKUNI
Girls 10 & 11 yrs over 6th Kyu KumiteKatelynn McCrackenNIKWCaiomhe Dolan-Lauren WallaceJKS IrelandLily SheerinIKKU
Boys 10 & 11 yrs over 6th Kyu KumiteRoss DuganNIKWShlok TalekwarNIKWMark DohertyJKS IrelandCormac McHughJKS Ireland
Girls Kumite 12 & 13 yrs Hannah Rose GradyKUNIEllie MortiboyKUNIKatie GordonIKKUIsla WilliamsKUNI
Boys Kumite 12 & 13 yrs Thomas BellNIKWArlen SteensonKUNIPaul TongNIKWAdam McGintyJKS Ireland
Female Cadet Kumite 14 & 15 yrsNkkala PokojskiKUNIJessie O'ReillyIKKU
Make Cadet Kumite 14 & 15 yrsSteven ChenMN KarateAdam HynesMN KarateArmand Blaint-SzboNIKW
KATA Under 10yrs Under 6th KyuIndigo Rose WilsonKUNIMasie WilliamsKUNIEthan ThompsonKUNIGrace RoganNIKW
KATA Under 10yrs over 6th KyuEoin CrawfordJKS IrelandMya GrahamJKS IrelandBrodie HanniganJKS IrelandTammy PorterJKS Ireland
KATA 10-14 yrs under 6th KyuJack CarsonNIKWIsla WilliamsKUNITierna LaveryNIKWOlaf LiwerskiNIKW
KATA 10-14 yrs 6th Kyu - 4th kyuThomas BellNIKWShlok TalekwarNIKWMya Rose KeenanKUNIHannah Rose GradyKUNI
KATA 10-14 yrs over 3rd kyuArlen SteensonKUNIOllie SmallKUNILucas MillsMN Karate
KATA Male Cadet 14 & 15 yrsSteven ChenMN KarateAdam HynesMN KarateDylan CoyleJKS IrelandBen RobinsonKUNI


Place   Association/Club           Points

1st        NIKW                                    46
2nd      JKS Ireland                         31
3rd       KUNI                                      30
4th       MN Karate                          13
5th       IKKU                                       4
6th       Madden SK                         0

3rd place – 1 point;   2nd place – 2 points;   1st place – 3 points

A final thanks to all our supporters, referees, judges & officials who helped create such a fantastic event.

Brunton Cup 2018 Winners NIKW

Brunton Cup 2018 Winners NIKW