A Karate Kata Course with Sensei Brunton 7th Dan

The NIKW hosted its annual Kata course exclusively for its members recently in the local Girdwood Community Hub.
Members got to hear and practice some of the more detailed technical aspects of their karate training, by using Kata.
Sensei Oliver Brunton, a 7th Dan black belt with the Japanese Karate Federation has studied the art for over 5 decades, and was able bring his deep knowledge to the karate course. Members heard how important Kata training is, particularly for life-long learning of Karate-Do.

After the course many members opted to undertake their next belt examination. These can be stressful but are ultimately beneficial for the person to be able to handle stressful situations.
The exam verifies the karate-ka is progressing by evaluating their understanding and performance of a syllabus of movements. Congratulations to those who passed. For some who didn’t, this just means some more training required with options to re-take later in the year.
The standards in the NIKW remain demanding but achievable. NIKW…To cultivate the Spirit.

Instruction during NIKW Kata Course April 2024