Brunton Cup 2023 Karate championships results

The NIKW held its annual Youth Karate tournament in Girdwood Community Hub on 10th June, the Brunton Cup.
The event is specifically for young students under 16yrs, and aimed at helping those with limited competition experience get their first chance to take part and understand some of the formalities and rules that are part of competition.
Sensei Oliver Brunton, chief instructor of NIKW and president of NI Karate Board, launched this competition a number of years ago to help young students gain confidence and vital competition experience. He commented, “I was really pleased to see those competing today, doing so with such spirit and determination.”

The NIKW would like to thank all those who participated in the competition, and their parents.
Officials, referees and volunteers who all helped make such a successful event.

Boys kumite 6 & 7 yrs1Toryn ConnorPLC Karate3
Boys kumite 6 & 7 yrs2Stefan FratescuKUNI2
Boys kumite 6 & 7 yrs3Hassan HassanNIKW1
Boys kumite 6 & 7 yrs3Fionn RyeNIKW1
Girls Kumite 6 & 7 yrs1Khloe BusbyNIKW3
Girls Kumite 6 & 7 yrs2Rosa JorgeNIKW2
Girls Kumite 6 & 7 yrs3Amara ShivasNIKW1
Boys kumite 8 & 9 yrs1Wyatt McMahonPLC Karate3
Boys kumite 8 & 9 yrs2Jack ReynoldsNIKW2
Boys kumite 8 & 9 yrs3Daniel RooneyNIKW1
Boys kumite 8 & 9 yrs3Sasi VadenNIKW1
Girls kumite 8 & 9 yrs1Mary Jane CahillKUNI3
Girls kumite 8 & 9 yrs2Aria MurryPLC Karate2
Girls kumite 8 & 9 yrs3Maya JorgeNIKW1
Boys kumite 10 & 11yrs1Cole OrrNIKW3
Boys kumite 10 & 11yrs2Ben DonaghyStrabane Karate Club2
Boys kumite 10 & 11yrs3Oisin McAllisterNIKW1
Boys kumite 10 & 11yrs3Denis GawronNIKW1
Girls kumite 10 & 11yrs1Alex CrowNIKW3
Girls kumite 10 & 11yrs2Tess GallagherStrabane Karate Club2
Girls kumite 10 & 11yrs3Grace TierneyPLC Karate1
Boys kumite 12 & 13yrs1Olaf LiwerskiNIKW3
Boys kumite 12 & 13yrs2Jamie GibsonNIKW2
Boys kumite 12 & 13yrs3Ahmed HassanNIKW1
Boys kumite 12 & 13yrs3Shea JohnstonNIKW1
Girls kumite 12 & 13 yrs1Tierna LaveryNIKW3
Girls kumite 12 & 13 yrs2Aoibheen Harding LesterKUNI2
Girls kumite 12 & 13 yrs3Darcy RobinsonJKA Belfast1
Male Cadet Kumite1Olaf LiwerskiNIKW3
Male Cadet Kumite2Kaelan GreeneJKA Belfast2
Male Cadet Kumite3Shea JohnstonNIKW1
Female Cadet kumite1Anastasia KachinaNIKW3
Female Cadet kumite2Kelsey SimpsonPLC Karate2
Childrens kata 6 – 9yrs 10th-7th Kyu1David FratescuKUNI3
Childrens kata 6 – 9yrs 10th-7th Kyu2Wyatt McMahonPLC Karate2
Childrens kata 6 – 9yrs 10th-7th Kyu3Mary Jane CahillKUNI1
Childrens kata 6 – 9yrs 10th-7th Kyu3Finley WeirKUNI1
Childrens kata 10 – 14yrs 10th-7th Kyu1Theo McAuleyNIKW3
Childrens kata 10 – 14yrs 10th-7th Kyu2Alex CroweNIKW2
Childrens kata 10 – 14yrs 10th-7th Kyu3Jamie GibsonNIKW1
Childrens kata 10 – 14yrs 10th-7th Kyu3Tess GallagherStrabane Karate Club1
Childrens kata 10 – 13yrs 6th-4th Kyu1Olaf LiwerskiNIKW3
Childrens kata 10 – 13yrs 6th-4th Kyu2Aoibheen Harding LesterKUNI2
Childrens kata 10 – 13yrs 6th-4th Kyu3Oisin SmithStrabane Karate Club1
Childrens kata 10 – 13yrs 6th-4th Kyu3Bjanas KasperiunasPLC Karate1
Cadet Kata Mixed1Olaf LiwerskiNIKW3
Cadet Kata Mixed2Kelsey SimpsonPLC Karate2

Congratulations to all those who participated and also to those who came out winners.
The overall winning club/association is the club which came out top on points from its members medals.
Congratulations to the NIKW.

1stNIKW 50 Points
2ndPLC Karate16 Points
3rdKUNI11 Points
4thStrabane Karate Club7 Points
5thJKA Belfast4 Points
Brunton Cup 2023 results