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Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members, friends & family across the karate community. Sensei Brunton

Karate training on zoom

We know that karate training is so important for physical and mental health. Over this upcoming period of restrictions, while our central Belfast dojo is closed, members can maintain their karate training with us on dedicated zoom classes. Sensei James Brunton will host a number of classes from the start of January 2021. We’ll be …

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Condolences on the passing of Sensei Terry Armsworth

The NIKW is deeply saddened by the passing of our karate colleague, Sensei Terry Armsworth, chairman and chief instructor of Premier Karate-Do Wado-Kai, England. Sensei Armsworth was a great friend of Sensei Oliver Brunton’s for many decades and he travelled to Belfast every year to support the North v South Karate Open tournament.He will be sorely …

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NIKW Summer Training Camp… superb!

Wow…what a seminar! The four day karate seminar hosted by the NIKW at its dedicated Wado-Kai Centre of Excellence, held across the 20th-23rd August. was a great success.Top quality instruction from 7th Dan JKF master Sensei Oliver Brunton, ensured participants got plenty of technical points to work on to improve their training and put them …

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NIKW Classes return

The NIKW will be open for regular training from Monday 6th July.See our clubs page to see available training times at our Central Dojo club in Belfast. Like many organisations we have considered how we may return to safely operating karate classes.We’ve considered the specific circumstances for our association, that only we are familiar with. The …

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NIKW Online training sessions

In order to develop our online training sessions further, each session will focus on slightly different training techniques aimed at different student experience levels.This is to ensure each session has maximum benefit within the short training session.However; we want to stress all sessions are open to all members and are not restricted to a particular …

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Online training sessions available

In order to keep members in their training routine, we’re offering some basic online training sessions with Sensei James Brunton.We’ll use the app “Zoom”, and provide a code just before the training session is about to begin so you can join in. Ensure you have signed up to our newsletter. Sign up on our website …

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Coronovirus impact – Classes suspended

Members…Firstly we would like to thank members for their patience over recent days. You have likely had many questions.Developments have been going at such as pace, we felt it was best to defer until matters became a little clearer. We would like to ensure we remain in contact with you, so if you haven’t already, …

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North South Karate Tournament 1st Feb 2020, Results

The NIKW hosted its annual North South Championships on Saturday 1st February. The tournament provided plenty of categories for all levels, ages & abilities, ensuring a wide variety of participants are able to demonstrate their skills in front of their family & friends. Sensei Brunton, chief instructor & president of the NI Karate Board, commented …

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NIKW Junior League gets going for 2020

The NIKW was excited to kick off again another great opportunity for its young members to get great experience building their confidence & skill in Kumite bouts. Chief Instructor Sensei Brunton commented; “We’ve had great feedback on this competition from parents and we are really pleased to continue this initiative for another year”. Head Kumite …

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