Coronovirus impact – Classes suspended

Members…Firstly we would like to thank members for their patience over recent days. You have likely had many questions.
Developments have been going at such as pace, we felt it was best to defer until matters became a little clearer.

We would like to ensure we remain in contact with you, so if you haven’t already, please connect via Facebook here, or sign up to our newsletter which you can do on our home page of our website at

Our concerns our first and foremost on the health of our members, and to ensure we act responsibly within our community.

Local clubs:
These are now suspended. The decision by councils, operating the venues we train in, meant this was a natural outcome. We will aim to return as and when these venue reopen.
Wado-Kai Headquarters:
Classes in our central dojo in College Street, Belfast have also been suspended to ensure we do not expose members or parents to the virus or facilitate the spread of the virus. While these are private premises exclusively for karate classes and would not have the same level of footfall as public venues we must contribute to the societal aim of protecting our community.

We are acutely aware that the effects of changes necessary to restricting gatherings is having, particularly to household incomes. We do hope you are shielded from the serious effects of this.
Due to the uncertainty of the duration of restrictions, where possible, we are asking members to keep their monthly membership in place as normal. You don’t need to do anything to keep this in place.
The NIKW will make a full refund to you when classes return.
This will ensure we can all return to training as soon as possible.

Keep training:
While precautions are the focus at this time, the NIKW has a responsibility for the Karate of its members. We will keep in contact with you throughout this time, and we would ask parents to encourage their children to continue with the routines and drills which they have learnt to date.
We plan to support you via our online channels so check our website regularly.
No doubt, there will be plenty of built up energy at times, and their karate training will be a great way to release this in a familiar way.
Our DVD’s are a good way to continue to learn new movements and maintain your karate training. These can be purchased via Ebay.
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Keep safe,
Wash your hands.