Exciting finish to NIKW Junior League 2022

The NIKW finished off its exciting league for 2022 on the 29th November.
Over the year had 94 competitors, all gaining experience at their particular level, building skills and confidence.
Sensei James Brunton, chief Kumite coach led the competitors as usual in a warm up, and the action got underway.
Members competed well, with some securing a win for the first time and many beginning to make techniques good enough for judges to award a score.
Sensei Oliver Brunton, chief instructor for the NIKW highlighted that consistency was the key to success in Karate-Do.
Those who regularly trained with strong effort in these league meetings and classes will begin to see results, and this can be seen in the results for individuals.

The winners on the night were:
1st Janice Wu
2nd Matthew McBride
2nd Paul Chen
3rd Tierna Lavery

Sensei Brunton selected Jamie Gibson, who displayed great attitude and impressive progress on the night.
Well done to you all.

The winners overall for the year were awarded a special prize for their commitment and achievement.

Junior League Winners for 2022

1st Páraic Gilmore
2nd Tierna Lavery
3rd John McConville

You can see the final league results here.
Congratulations to everyone and look out for our new league for 2023 next year.