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NI Karate-Do Wado-Kai


Sensei Brunton 7th Dan

The Northern Ireland Karate-Do Wado-Kai was established in May 1980. At that time it comprised of only 1 club and now under the leadership of Sensei Oliver Brunton (7th Dan) it has grown to become one of the largest Karate associations in the country.


Sensei Brunton helped introduced Karate to the province in the early sixties and his dedicated practice and experience of Karate-Do is well reflected in the success of the NIKW. The association puts most of its emphasis on traditional Wado-Ryu Karate.


The Heroes of Karate in Northern Ireland

Trevor Gill and Sensei Brunton (right) training at the Yamada Quai Judo Club, in the early days of martial arts in Northern Ireland

Courtesy of Alex McKee






NIKW History



Pictures, articles, courtesy of Alex McKee

Aim & Values

The aim of the NIKW is to cater for all ages, sexes & abilities. There are classes for children, ladies, beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Special emphasis is placed on the teaching and practice of Kata.
Kata is the ultimate in Karate-Do. It incorporates all the basic movements which enables the exponent to achieve the feeling of being in full control of any given situation. The physical aspect of Kata is fulfilling in itself, but only when both mind and body reach harmony can the true meaning of Karate be experienced.


There is no easy way of achieving this except by constant study and practice, and sadly today this is lacking in a lot of Karate-Ka. This is due to the over emphasis on sport or competition Kumite Karate.

Highest level Instruction

The NIKW is very fortunate to receive regular instruction from Sensei Brunton who has over 50 years experience of Wado-Ryu Karate He is also Ireland’s only World Qualified Kumite Referee and Kata judge,and is also Ireland’s only technical examiner for the Japanese Wado-Kai. He is Ireland and Britain’s only Karate-Ka to have been given the title of Shu-Ha-Ri by the president of Wado-Kai in Japan. A title only reserved for those who have been through the cycle of training in the perfection of martial arts and which can only by granted by the authority of the art.

Courses and competitions are regular features in the association’s calendar, and again these are geared to accommodate beginner and advanced students alike.

Loyalty between students and instructors is an essential criteria and this quality is extremely evident, especially in the more senior members of the association. Each club tends to develop into a closely knit community with a social bond encouraging all clubs to make a very strong and indeed a very special Karate organisation.

The standard of the NIKW is undoubtedly very high and discipline extremely strict, but for serious students, a high progress rate is guaranteed.

NIKW Kata Course March1991 Antrim Forum

NIKW Kata Course – March 1991 – Antrim Forum


Karate course with Japanese karate masters

Sensei Brunton during past courses with Japanese Karate Masters

Sensei Brunton (front row 3rd from right) in attendance with Ohtsuka Sensei Birmingham early ’70s at Peter Suzuki’s dojo.

Picture above courtesy of Peter May.