Karate in the Olympic Games

Karate reached a major milestone in its development across the globe.

It follows the decision by the IOC on the 3rd August in Rio de Janeiro, to agree its inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games programme.


Mr Espinos & Sensei Brunton

Mr Espinos WKF president & Sensei Brunton

President of the NI Karate Board and chief instructor for the NIKW, Sensei Oliver Brunton commented, ”

This is excellent news. Federations across the globe now have the path for young Karate-Ka students to now fulfill dreams of reaching and competing at the Olympic Games. This is a tremendous opportunity, which is now available. Showcasing our martial art on such a high profile stage will be an exciting journey.

The validation and credibility of the World Karate Federation (WKF) has now been justified by the IOC and it has been an honor to represent Northern Ireland and support the WKF in realising this achievement.

This should give the whole Karate community in Northern Ireland the extra impetus to develop their links and opportunities for  their students, to allow them one day reach the ultimate stage.”


WKF; IOC; Tokyo2020




“Who could have believed that when we had our first World Championships in 1970 in Nippon Budokan, that 50 years later we would come back to Nippon Budokan for Olympic Games,” declared WKF President Antonio Espinós in the media briefing after the decision.


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