Kata Course 26th Jan

The NIKW hosted the first of many of its courses throughout the year, today.
The course was designed particularly for members, who are either just at the beginning of learning Kata, or have some knowledge and keen to put more technique into their movements.

Chief Instructor, Sensei Brunton, a 7th Dan black belt with the Japanese Karate Federation, took participants through the first of many Kata they will learn. Participants heard that learning the movements is correct but is just the start. Eventually students must begin to put “something else” into their movements.

NIKW Kata Course
NIKW Kata Course 26th Jan 2019

All those who attended learnt something they could take away with them, and put this into their own training at their local clubs. Many learnt a new Kata or got the chance to focus on improving their technique on a Kata they were already familiar with. To hear from on of the most experienced Wado-Kai Masters is a great opportunity. Sensei Brunton was able to advise how to have the correct attitude to Karate, to ensure it can become effective.

Non-members can look out for other courses, and training opportunities throughout the year. All welcome.