Kihon Gumite’s explosive technique


Ireland’s karate ace, Oliver Brunton showed how physical strength was no match for technical ability at a special seminar exploring the principles of fighting as laid down in the Wado system of karate.

Students gathered at the Karate Centre of Excellence in Belfast City Centre where Oliver revealed the essence of Wado technique which he has honed over more than half a century of study.

Kihon Gumite_May2016


With little effort Oliver disabled opponents of greater physical strength displaying the hidden defense techniques which make the Wado style of karate so effective for people of all body types.


And he explained how, by developing these techniques for themselves, students could develop an understanding of how to apply the fundamentals of Wado karate.


The love of Wado karate to which he has devoted his adult life is evidenced by Oliver’s commitment to daily training and how he still makes an annual pilgrimage to Japan, the home of karate, to study with masters there.

“The beauty of Wado karate is that with the slightest movement and the minimum amount of effort it can be used as a very effective tool to defend against would be assailants,” he said.