NIKW Classes return

The NIKW will be open for regular training from Monday 6th July.
See our clubs page to see available training times at our Central Dojo club in Belfast.

Like many organisations we have considered how we may return to safely operating karate classes.
We’ve considered the specific circumstances for our association, that only we are familiar with. The NIKW has carried out an in-depth risk assessment of our training sessions and venue, and are taking the following precautions. We ask all members & guests to follow these.

Precautions we are taking;
1.     Naturally, if you or anyone in your family have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come to training;
2.     If at all possible, please come to the dojo in your Karate gi (or training clothes) – this will reduce the need to use changing rooms;
3.     Please arrive no more than 15 mins before the class start time. This reduces length of time members will be on site with others prior to session;
4.     Dojo venue has been cleaned and sanitised thoroughly, and will be routinely;
5.     Please use the hand sanitiser on entry and/or at the other stations in our venue;
6.     Changing rooms will be limited to three members at any one time. Once changed, please proceed into the main dojo;
7.     The Dojo has been marked out clearly with well-spaced “lanes”, and each member should stay on their mark, ready for training;
8.     Training session will be conducted in a way to ensure adequate distancing throughout;
9.     The number of attendees will be limited to ensure adequate distancing throughout.
Members are asked to complete attendance form to let us know which classes they intend to come to. Should we assess too many attendees are likely, we may contact you to arrange an alternative class.
Complete the form here

We hope these precautions will ease any concerns you may have, and I look forward to seeing you at training class as normal.

Sensei Brunton
7th Dan JKF