NIKW Junior league continues

The most recent league meeting of NIKW’s junior league was held on the 16th Sept 2019, at Wado-Kai HQ in centre of Belfast in preparation for upcoming Northern Ireland Championships.
Family and friends of young members cheered on all members as they continue to demonstrate the skills they have been developing.

Sensei James Brunton also acknowledged many strong performances, but highlighted the most improved fighter on the night was from Sam Egan. Sensei commented “I was really impressed with Sam tonight. Delighted to acknowledge his progress. Keep up the strong training everyone”.

Winners on the night were:
Liam Shek – 1st
Chantelle Corbett – 2nd
Shea Johnston – 3rd
Sam Egan – 4th
Niamh Lagan – 5th

See below for the full results of the league meeting on the night.
Check out the cumulative results so far for the year here.