NIKW Karate course embeds technical training

Students from the Northern Ireland Karate-Do Waldo-Kai attended a technical kata course at Girdwood Community Hub on 23rd April 2022.

The atmosphere was electric as participants discovered the level of detail needed to make their karate techniques effective. They were amazed to learn how the slightest deviation in how a movement is executed could make the difference between inadequately blocking an attack or successfully disabling and following through with an explosive counter attack.

The seminar was led by top Irish karate exponent Oliver Brunton who has been developing karate here over six decades. He advocates the disciplined regimental training required to master effective techniques. Even though he is now in his early eighties Oliver can produce devastating karate as he has acquired the skill of using his body to the best advantage rather than relying on physical strength.

“Karate can be advantageous to everyone – not just the young and athletic,” Oliver says. “While it is of course beneficial for the youth to become involved in karate, it can also be an important mechanism for older people to retain much of their physical and mental agility.”

Following the training seminar, many of the students partook in a grading examination conducted by Oliver and his son James, both of whom are technical examiners with the Japanese Karate Federation whose standards are recognised throughout the world.

‘A high level of knowledge in the art is needed to successfully carry out grading examinations as not only do they signify the point someone has reached in their karate career, but they also act as a tool for their future development,” Oliver explained. “If someone is given a grade too soon it can make it difficult for them in their karate progression and so great care is required when assessing students”.

NIKW Students April 2022 Kata Seminar