NIKW Kata Course inspires

The NIKW held its annual Kata course on the weekend of the 9th & 10th April 2016.



Kata Course_April16_children

Saturday was reserved for the younger association members, who were given excellent ideas and inspiration on improving their own Karate training.


In order to ensure training is worthwhile, young members need to start of with the correct training, so that they can develop and be in a position to apply much tougher training regimes when they reach the appropriate age.


The course started off with ensuring a good warm up routine was completed.
Sensei Brunton used the Pinan Kata to demonstrate the importance of doing the movements correctly. Maintaining technically correct movements will mean Karate will improve, otherwise ones Karate can never improve.


Kata Course_April16_adults

Sunday, saw the adult members get the chance to glean some in depth, key knowledge from one of Europe’s foremost authority on Wado-Kai Karate, 7th Dan JKF, Sensei Brunton.

The Importance of embusen (line of attack) not only in moving from one point to another, but when punching and blocking were looked at in detail with some practical examples of how this affects the ability to execute effectively.
The course, while using Kata as a basis of discussion, considers the traditional self-defense applications, which can be applied on other areas of Karate training.

Over both days all were left inspired and keen to focus on developing themselves, whether for flexibility, self-confidence, balance or preparing for competition.

On both days, grading examinations were held, with many passing their grade, ranging from beginners & white belts to green belt grades.  Congratulations to them.

While some did not meet the high standard required, they were left with valuable experience and a chance to develop further, ready to double their efforts next time round.

The NIKW remains committed to ensuring a high standard of grades, ensuring all those can take pride in their achievement.

Look out for further, upcoming courses within the NIKW