NIKW League gets off to a flying start

The NIKW League gets off to a flying start.

Shlok Talekwar wins the first league meeting. He races to the top of the junior league table!
Three wins out of three, securing 9 points along with plenty of scores he is top champion on the night.

View current league table here

NIKW League

Shlok – Antrim student secures victory on the night.

The league meeting started off with a small warm up for the students taken by British Kumite champion James Brunton.

NIKW League (2)

NIKW League – preparation begins with a warm up exercise.


NIKW League (4)

Sensei Brunton explains the purpose of the league






NIKW League (3)

Parents watch on with pride.



Toward the end, shortly before the top league competitors were announced, Sensei Brunton explained to the parents the intention of the league and the benefits it will provide to every child who takes part.






Congratulations to all those who turned up and benefited greatly. All were winners.


The next league meeting will be on Monday 21st March.

More points to collect for ultimate victory!.