NIKW Spring Training Camp 2016

NIKW members got the chance to train intensively over three days with Sensei Brunton 7th Dan JKF

The course this year, took place over the weekend of the 4th – 6th March 2016.

Spring camp 2016 (4)

Friday evening training began with some basic Kihon Waza, basic punches, kicks & combinations. Exploring the basic fundamentals of using the body to generate power and speed with maximum effect.


Sping camp 2016 (3)
Saturday training focused on Kata, an important element of training within the NIKW as it allows many aspects of Karate training to be developed.
Some training on the beach built the spirit and added some different training conditions.



Sping camp 2016 (2)
Sunday, participants were able to focus on some Kihon Kumite training.

This allowed some development of of close fighting drills, and experience movements which are the essence of Wado-Kai technique.




There was also time for some fun, social activities between training sessions and all attended thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Participants came away with a number of key points they can take away and use to develop their karate further.

Look out for further training camp throughout the year.