NIKW Summer Training Camp… superb!

Wow…what a seminar! The four day karate seminar hosted by the NIKW at its dedicated Wado-Kai Centre of Excellence, held across the 20th-23rd August. was a great success.
Top quality instruction from 7th Dan JKF master Sensei Oliver Brunton, ensured participants got plenty of technical points to work on to improve their training and put them in prime place to accelerate their progress and move up the grades.

Sensei Brunton set out the theme of the course on the first day, Thursday, being “the use of your weight to maximum effect”. Basic movements were covered at the start on Thursday, and then progressing on to studying Kihon Gumite & the full range of Wado-Kai Kata over the Friday & Saturday sessions. Sunday, participants were given the chance to re-cap on any areas of training they were unsure about, and make final adjustments to their technique before taking a grading examination if needed.

One participant commented, “It’s been brilliant.., I know i’ll probably forget most of what we covered, but if I can take just a few things I learned today and put these into my karate, I’ll be delighted. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Unfortunately, this year numbers were severely restricted to ensure the adequate distancing could be maintained throughout the venue and during training. So, apologies if you missed out. Look out for other upcoming courses & seminars to ensure you don’t miss out.

A comment by Sensei Brunton, summed up the essence of the course, “Its vitally important that time is taken to study karate in as much detail as possible. It’s why this course covers 4 days. It’s only when students dedicate the time, and effort of course, to study in detail what they are doing, do they move beyond just doing movements that look like karate, and start practising Karate-Do”.

Congratulations to those who passed their examination.

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