NIKW Transforms Lives

If you choose karate as a sport for you or your child the Northern Ireland Karate-do Wado-kai (NIKW) is well-placed to provide an introduction to karate and set you on the right track to get the most out of it. The many positive benefits of regular exercise have been well documented as a way to enhance a person’s mental and physical well-being. The beauty of karate is that it is not just for young people but has particular advantages and activities for older ages, as well as those with a wide range of abilities and challenges.

Karate can be enjoyed as a sport with it’s recreational and competitive elements, but if you study it as a martial art it will open up a whole range of benefits for the body and soul. With membership of the NIKW you can tap into expert instruction in both, and learn about the different facets of karate. Members of the NIKW have developed a sense of pride in the organisation they belong to and senior students are keen to help others progress. If you join them you will find a welcoming atmosphere and almost feel you have become part of a larger family of like-minded people.

As a member of the NIKW you will:
Develop a disciplined attitude with strong motivation to succeed.
Follow clear goals for progression onto the next belt level, which will help you develop a strong sense of achievement as you progress to the next level.
Learn to cope with defeat, moving-on from mistakes and becoming unafraid of new situations and challenges.
Develop physically as your body becomes stronger, fitter and more flexible.
Develop mentally with a greater sense of focus and concentration as your confidence progresses.
Develop self defence and technical karate skills.
Train in a safe environment and become part of a club where your fellow members are friendly and keen to see you develop and progress.

People in Japan where karate originates have enjoyed the benefits of this martial art for generations. Sixty years ago Oliver Brunton embraced karate as a way of life and introduced it to Northern Ireland where he has witnessed how it can transform the lives of individuals for the better.

Oliver rose to become the most distinguished karate expert in Ireland and is living proof how karate can stave off the effects of ageing. He has developed a mental and physical agility which would be remarkable in a person half his age. “Time and again I have witnessed the amazing transformation in people who have come to the NIKW and how it has changed their lives for the better,” he enlightened. “People have come to us with different challenges in their lives and have been able to work through them by adopting the training regime adhered to in the NIKW.

“Older people have developed increased flexibility which they carry with them into their later years, I’ve seen youngsters develop strong athletic bodies and a positive attitude to the future,” Oliver continued. “Others struggling with different areas in life have been able to turn their lives around, using the training conditions in the NIKW as a way of expending negative energy”

If you feel karate is for you and is something you want to try out, please get in touch. We have classes catering for all ages and abilities. You can contact us at or visit to find out more with information on our local clubs page on scheduled classes in your area.