NIKW Winter Camp 2018

The NIKW hosted its annual winter training camp. The course was held over Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning at the start of December 2018.

NIKW winter Camp 2018 attendees

NIKW winter Camp 2018 attendees

It was pleasing to see a wide range of members take the opportunity to learn from NIKW Chief Instructor and highly qualified JKF Wado-Kai master, Sensei Oliver Brunton.

The course was designed to ensure a wide range of technical detail could be discussed. Members just beginning their karate journey could take away some basic teaching, while more advanced members got some crucial in depth knowledge. Students take these points and apply this new knowledge into their regular training regime.

Among many points Sensei Brunton added, “once you get passed just learning the movements, one needs to move on to study how to do the movement.  Applying more and more finer detail into each movement is crucial to progress. Developing your body so that it can move according to the relevant style of karate. Then one can say they are practising Karate-do.” 

The course is suitable for those at any level, and it was encouraging to see many enthusiastic students eager capture as much knowledge as possible from one of the most knowledgeable Wado-Kai karate masters in Europe. 

It’s part of a series of regular training courses the NIKW provides. These courses are open to NIKW members and students of other clubs, eager to stretch their knowledge. 

Anyone wishing to join the NIKW, or attend future courses should get in touch using the Contact Us website page