North South Championships 2018 Results

The NIKW would like to thank all the associations, clubs, coaches and competitors for such a great days competition. The standard of competition was very high, and all competitors would have had the chance to put their skills to the test.

Sensei Brunton, chief instructor NIKW, and President of the NI Karate Board commented, “I am delighted we are able to stage this competition today. Not only does it give our local Karate-ka the chance to compete against those further afield, the competition maintains the strong bonds across the karate community. I would like to thank coaches & parents; the referees & judges and officials & volunteers who made such a well run and enjoyable event. Finally the competitors who participated with such passion, determination and fair play, I trust they will use the experience to aid their training. we look forward to welcoming everyone & more next year.”

Results for all categories:

North South 2018 Results

Boys Kumite
6 & 7 years
1stEoin Crawford, JKS Ireland
2ndAmir Kusbey, NIKW
3rdLuke Ryder, JKS Scotland
3rdAlexander Barcyk, CIKA Ireland
8 & 9 years
1stMax Woods, JKS Scotland
2ndBrodie Hannigan, JKS Ireland
3rdFilip Zajac, JKS Ireland
3rdCharlie Bovill, Madden School of Karate
10 & 11 years
1stRoss Dougan, NIKW
2ndAce Rodriguez, JKS Ireland
3rdJack Murphy, CIKA Ireland
3rdCorey Gallagher, JKS Ireland
12 & 13 years
1stBen Woods, JKS Scotland
2ndLuke Victory, CIKA Ireland
3rdCiaron Crawford, JKS Ireland
3rdMurray McGillvray, JKS Scotland
Girls kumite
6 & 7 years
1stLucy McGuigan, JKS Scotland
2ndRuby Farrelly, NIKW
3rdWilhemina Mak, NIKW
8 & 9 years
1stAoife Peppard, CIKA
2ndLauren Wallace, JKS Ireland
3rdOrla McGuigan, JKS Scotland
3rdChloe Laughlin, NIKW
10 & 11 years
1stLily Sheeran, IKKU
2ndRuby McFarlane, JKS Scotland
3rdAbigail Tobin, JKS Scotland
3rdKatelynn McCracken, NIKW
12 & 13 years
1stEilidh Poole, JKS Scotland
2ndSophie Shiels, CIKA Ireland
3rdAimee Beattie, JKS Scotland
3rdNatasha Doherty, JKS Ireland
Team kumite
Boys under 14 yrs and under 5ft
2ndJKS Ireland
3rdJKS Scotland
Boys under under 14 yrs over 5ft
1stCIKA Ireland
2ndJKS Scotland
Girls under 14 yrs under 5ft
1stJKS Scotland
Girls under 14yrs over 5ft
1stJKS Scotland
2ndJKS Scotland
Cadet Male kumite
1stD Crilly, CIKA
2ndRuben Dunbar, JKS Ireland
3rdStephen Chen, CIKA Ireland
3rdJack Donaghey, JKS Ireland
Cadet Female kumite
1stEilidh Poole, JKS Scotland
2ndIga Wojciechowska, JKS Scotland
3rdEilidh Jones, JKS Scotland
3rdEmma Dolan, JKS Ireland
Junior Male kumite
1stNiall Carolan, CIKA Ireland
2ndLee Barrett, CIKA Ireland
3rdConor Magorrian, KUNI Newcastle
3rdSam Scrobie, JKS Scotland
Junior Female kumite
1stEmma Dolan, JKS Ireland
2ndEllie McFadden, JKS Ireland
3rdRioghnach McGuigan, KUNI Newcastle
3rdVanessa Nolan, CIKA Ireland
Team kumite
Male Cadet team
1stJKS Ireland
2ndJKS Scotland
3rdCIKA, Ireland
3rdCIKA, Ireland
Female cadet team
1stJKS Ireland
2ndJKS Scotland
Male junior team
1stCIKA Ireland
2ndJKS Scotland
Senior Kumite
Male under 75kg
1stMartin Bellod, NIKA
2ndSam Scobie, JKS Scotland
3rdFergus McMullan, NIKW
3rdHamish McArthur, Premier Englan
Male over 75kg
1stJames Brunton, NIKW
2ndRoss Dinsmore, NIKW
3rdAidan O’Boyle
3rdRhys McDonnell, KUNI Banbridge
Male Veterans
1stStephen Liggett, KUNI Banbridge
2ndHamish McArthur, Premier England
3rdPiotr Kulig, NIKW
Senior Female
1stChantelle Allan, JKS Scotland
2ndRachel McDonnell, KUNI Banbridge
Childrens 10th - 7th kyu
1stAlexander Barcyk, CIKA Ireland
2ndOrla McGuinan, JKS Scotland
3rdGabriella Lunghi, CIKA Ireland
3rdGrace Rogan, NIKW
Childrens 6th to 4th kyu
1stAbigail Tobin, JKS Scotland
2ndAce Rodriquez, JKS Ireland
3rdKatelynn McCracken, NIKW
3rdBrodie Hannigan, JKS Ireland
Male Cadet kata
1stRhuraidh Poole, JKS Scotland
2ndJohnathan Peppard, CIKA Ireland
3rdAdam Hynes, CIKA Ireland
Female Cadet kata
1stLucy McCrorie, JKS Scotland
2ndIsla Fraser, JKS Scotland
3rdEilidh Jones, JKS Scotland
3rdIga Wojciechowska, JKS Scotland
Male Junior kata
1stTom Burt, Premier England
2ndArran Steen, JKS Scotland
3rdLee Barrett, CIKA Ireland
3rdLeon Doddrell, NIWIKF
Female Junior kata
1stFiona Slow, JKS Scotland
2ndKatie Bovill, Madden SK
3rdAimee Dow, NIWIKF
3rdEllie McFadden
Special category kata
1stJoseph Floyd
Male Senior kata
1stJames Brunton, NIKW
2ndMartin Bellod, NIKW
3rdRoss Dinsmore, NIKW
3rdHamish McArthur, Premier England
Female Senior kata
1stFionna Sloan, Shitokai Scotland
2ndLorna Lawson, Premier England
3rdSuzanne Patterson, NIWIKF
3rdRachel McDonnell, KUNI Banbridge
Results of the North South 2018 Championships 3rd February