North South Championships results

The NIKW hosted its annual North South Championships on February 2nd. The tournament provides plenty of categories for all levels, ages & abilities, ensuring a wide variety of participants are able to demonstrate their skills in front of their family & friends. Sensei Brunton, chief instructor & president of the NI Karate Board, commented “It is really great to see the increasing levels of participants each year. The NI Karate Board aims to provide an environment where anyone training in karate can compete and put into practice what they are studying. We are always pleased to see our friends from across the island and beyond, who bring their competitiveness and respect for fair play, competing in a great atmosphere with local competitors”.
The competition was filled with great bouts across all categories.
The Male Cadet Kumite 14&15yrs category was a large and competitive one, in the end ruled by JKS Scotland, who shared 1st & 2nd place. The females put on an equally competitive show in the Female cadet Kumite 14&15yrs with Natasha Doherty & Emma Dolan both from JKS Ireland securing place in the final, with Natasha securing the win.
The Girls & Boys categories for younger 8&9 yrs were filled with top skill level, with Eoin Crawford & Tammy Porter of JKS Ireland securing gold medal from Liam Shek NIKW and Alix Smith JKS Scotland respectively.

The Kata Categories were filled with great technical ability. The hosts were delighted to be able to make available a range of Special Kata categories for those with additional ability needs.

The crowd were treated to one of the most exhilarating fights of the day in the Male Senior Kumite, with Lewis Simpson JKS Scotland and Conor O’Sullivan Senshi going nip & tuck through out in the final bout.
Conor eventually securing the win with the crowd showing their appreciation of the standard on show, with a resounding applause for both fighters.
Our thanks to the referee’s & Judges, score keepers, coaches & volunteers who all help make the competition a great success.
Congratulations to all.

See all the results in the table below.

Category1st Place Name1st Place Association2nd Place Name2nd Place Association3rd Place Name3rd Place Association3rd Place Name3rd Place Association
Boys 6&7yrs KumiteEnzo GowdyNIKWJames CassidyKUNIKai MolloyNIKWJames KerlinJKS Ireland
Girls 6&7yrs KumiteLucie McGuiganJKS SCOTLANDThia GambleJKS IrelandLaoise PierceCherry OrchardToni-Devine BoyleJKS Ireland
Boys 8&9yrs KumiteEoin CrawfordJKS IrelandLiam ShekNIKWMikolaj KrolJKS SCOTLANDOlaf LiwerskiNIKW
Girls 8&9yrs KumiteTammy PorterJKS IrelandAlix SmithJKS SCOTLANDJodie KerlinJKS IrelandAysha KusbyNIKW
Boys 10&11yrs Kumite <140cmsThomas KellyIKKUDavid DrozdzIKKUMax WoodsJKS SCOTLANDAkul BhattadNIKW
Boys 10&11yrs Kumite >140cmsCathal KellyIKKUConor GordanIKKUAce RodriguezJKS IrelandLeon DaviesNISKA
Girls 10&11yrs KumiteOrla McGuiganJKS SCOTLANDAbigail TobinJKS SCOTLANDKerry GallagherIKKUChantelle CorbettNIKW
Boys 12&13yrs KumiteHarry GilfillanJKS SCOTLANDThomas BellNIKWArlen SteensonKUNIJames ThornburyKUNI
Girls 12&13yrs <5ft KumiteLily SheeranIKKUAbigail TobinJKS SCOTLANDEmiloa DrozdzIKKUOrla McGuiganJKS SCOTLAND
Girls 12&13yrs >5ft KumiteEilidh PooleJKS SCOTLANDAimee BeattieJKS SCOTLANDLeah ColquhounJKS SCOTLANDKatelynn McCrackenNIKW
Male Cadet Kumite 14&15yrsBen WoodsJKS SCOTLANDThomas BlythJKS SCOTLANDLee SheridanSenshiLeigh O'SullivanSenshi
Female Cadet Kumite 14&15yrsNatasha DohertyJKS IrelandEmma DolanJKS IrelandRachel SlevinSenshiZoe McDermottSenshi
Male Junior Kumite 16&17yrsLewis SimpsonJKS SCOTLANDJack DonaghyJKS IrelandDaniel FinlaysonJKS SCOTLANDDavid GannonSenshi
Female Junior Kumite 16&17yrsEmma DolanJKS IrelandJessie O'ReillyIKKUKatelynn KennySenshiCharlotte PierceCherry Orchard
Male Senior KumiteConor O'SullivanSenshiLewis SimpsonJKS SCOTLANDFergus McMullanNIKWRaymond McGillowayJKS Ireland
Female Senior KumiteLauren DuffyIKKUKarolina AskuntowiczIKKU
Male Veteran Kumite >35yrsOliver BruntonNIKWMitch RowanPremier Karate EnglandStephen LiggettKUNIPaul BarhamIKKU
Boys Team Kumite <5ftJKS Ireland AJKS IrelandIKKU Gordan/KellyIKKUJKS Scotland RyderJKS SCOTLANDJKS Ireland BJKS Ireland
Boys Team Kumite >5ftJKS IrelandJKS IrelandNIKWNIKW
Girls Team Kumite under 5ftJKS IrelandJKS IrelandScotland JKSJKS SCOTLAND
Girls Team Kumite over 5ftScotland JKS PooleJKS SCOTLANDScotland JKS TobinJKS SCOTLANDScotland JKS AthertonJKS SCOTLAND
Male Cadet Team KumiteScotland JKSJKS SCOTLANDSenshiSenshiJKS IrelandJKS Ireland
Special Category Kata <14yrsJospeh FloydDSKAlex SponrorIKKULee CadwellIKKUDylan Joyce
Special Category Kata 14&15yrsIlya FoleyIKKUSean BritlandDylan NewmanIKKUPauric HooperIKKU
Special Category Kata >16yrsEoghan CaulfieldIKKUConor QuinnIKKUKate ConnollyIKKULaura O'HareNIKW
Childrens Kata 10th-7th KyuLiam ShekNIKWSaoirse CorbettNIKWIsla WilliamKUNIIan FergusonNIKW
Childrens Kata 6th-4th KyuAbigail TobinJKS SCOTLANDOrla McGuiganJKS SCOTLANDMya Rose KeenanKUNIKatelynn McCrackenNIKW
Childrens Kata 3rd Kyu aboveEilidh PooleJKS SCOTLANDArlen SteensonKUNIRuby McFarlaneJKS SCOTLANDSarah Jane BehanIKKU
Male Cadet Kata 14&15yrsThomas BlythJKS SCOTLANDNic BurtPremier Karate EnglandThomas BellNIKWDaniel FinlaysonJKS SCOTLAND
Female Cadet Kata 14-16yrsEilidh PooleJKS SCOTLANDRebecca O'ReillySenshiKatelynn KennySenshiRachel SlevinSenshi
Male Junior Kata 16&17yrsDavey GannonSenshiTom BurtPremier Karate England
Male Senior Kata 18yrs+Davey GannonJKS IrelandMartin BellodNIKWMitch RowanPremier Karate EnglandOliver BruntonNIKW
Female Senior Kata 18yrs+Rachel McDonnellKUNIFiona SlowShito Kai ScotlandLorna LawsonPremier Karate England

Associations may download the results file below