North South Karate Tournament 1st Feb 2020, Results

The NIKW hosted its annual North South Championships on Saturday 1st February. The tournament provided plenty of categories for all levels, ages & abilities, ensuring a wide variety of participants are able to demonstrate their skills in front of their family & friends. Sensei Brunton, chief instructor & president of the NI Karate Board, commented “It is really great to see the increasing levels of participants each year. The NI Karate Board aims to provide an environment where anyone training in karate can compete and put into practice what they are studying. We are always pleased to see our friends from across the island and beyond, who bring their competitiveness and respect for fair play, competing in a great atmosphere with local competitors”.
The competition was filled with great bouts across all categories.

Our thanks to the Referee’s & Judges, score keepers, coaches & volunteers who all help make the competition a great success.
Congratulations to all. See you next year!

Category typeCategory1stClub2ndClub3rdClub3rdClub
KumiteGirls 6 & 7 yearsCarla ArcherNIKWThia Hannigan3 RiversHeather McKayLanarkshire Karate Club
KumiteGirls 8 & 9 yearsAlix SmithLanarkshire Karate ClubLucie McGuiganLanarkshire Karate ClubWillamina MakNIKWSarah McDonnellKUNI Portadown
KumiteGirls 10 & 11 yearsOrla McGuiganLanarkshire Karate ClubLayla MonaghanJKS ScotlandDarcy AmesLanarkshire Karate ClubAlyesha MatttewalLanarkshire Karate Club
KumiteGirls 12 & 13 yearsKatelynn McCrackenNIKWAva ClareIKKUCaoimhe Dolan3 RiversLyndsay AthertonJKS Scotland
KumiteFemale Cadet KumiteEilidh PooleJKS ScotlandGabrielle ClarksonJKS ScotlandEllie MortiboyKUNI BanbridgeKatie GordonIKKU
KumiteFemale Junior KumiteNikkala PokiskiKUNI BanbridgeGabrielle ClarksonJKS ScotlandBillie RossJKS Scotland
KumiteGirls Team Kumite under 5 feetLanarkshire Karate Club Team BLanarkshire Karate ClubLanarkshire Karate Club Team ALanarkshire Karate ClubNIKWNIKW
KumiteBoys 6 & 7 yearsSebastion MagiltonLanarkshire Karate ClubJayden WarwickLanarkshire Karate ClubJames CassidyKUNI PortadownMax O’GormanKUNI Banbridge
KumiteBoys 8 & 9 years 10th - 7th kyuLiam ShekNIKWShea JohnstonNIKWJames KerlinJKS IrelandDaniel CooganNIKW
KumiteBoys 8 & 9 years 6th kyu and aboveMikolaj KrolLanarkshire Karate ClubMarcel GoraIKKUTurlough ToddNISKABruce CameronJKS Scotland
KumiteBoys 10 & 11 years under 6th kyuCharlie LiggettKUNI BanbridgeJohn McCormickKUNI PortadownAryan MukergeeNIKW
KumiteBoys 10 & 11 years over 6th kyuConor GordenIKKUAaron SarwarJKS ScotlandBrodie Hannigan3 RiversMax WoodsJKS Scotland
KumiteBoys 12 & 13 yearsRoss DouganNIKWJack WoodsJKS ScotlandAaron SarwarJKS ScotlandLeon DaviesNISKA
KumiteBoys team under 5 feetJKS ScotlandJKS ScotlandJKS ScotlandJKS ScotlandJKS ScotlandJKS ScotlandNIKWNIKW
KumiteBoys team over 5 feetJKS ScotlandJKS ScotlandNIKWNIKWClaudy Karate ClubClaudy Karate Club
KumiteMale Cadet KumiteArlen SteensonKUNI BanbridgeThomas BellNIKWCiaran Crawford3 RiversBen WoodsJKS Scotland
KumiteMale Junior KumiteBen WoodsJKS ScotlandJack DonaghyJKS IrelandCiaran CurryClaudy Karate ClubDaniel FinlaysonJKS Scotland
KumiteMale Senior KumiteMartin BellodNIKWThomas BlythJKS ScotlandSean McLarenJKS ScotlandTom BurtPremier England
KumiteMale Senior Kumite over 35 yearsStephen LiggettKUNI BanbridgeMitch RowanPremier England
KATAChildren’s 10th-7th KyuLiam ShekNIKWKelsey SimpsonKUNI PortadownJames CassidyKUNI PortadownAryan MukherjeeNIKW
KATAChildren’s 6th - 4th KyuHali BariJKS ScotlandAlice ToddNISKAKatelynn McCrackenNIKWRoss DouganNIKW
KATAChildren’s Kata 3rd Kyu & aboveAlexandar SharpJKS ScotlandOrla McGuiganLanarkshire Karate ClubMichael O’NeillNISKALeah ColquhounLanarkshire Karate Club
KATAMale Cadet KataThomas BellNIKWArlen SteensonKUNI BanbridgeJon-Pol McMenaminJKS Ireland
KATAMale Junior KataDylan CoyleJKS IrelandThomas BellNIKWLauren BoyceKUNI Banbridge
KATAMale SeniorAlius BariJKS ScotlandMartin BellodNIKWTom BurtPremier EnglandMitch RowanPremier England
KATAFemale CadetEilidh PooleJKS ScotlandKeara SharpJKS ScotlandKatelynn McCrackenNIKWGabrielle ClarksonJKS Scotland
KATAFemale JuniorLauren BoyceKUNI Banbridge
KATAFemale SeniorAria PascualJKS ScotlandRachel McDonnellKUNI Banbridge
KATASpecial categoryJoesph FloydDrogheda School of KarateConnor BrownJKS ScotlandLaura O'HareNIKW

Overall Club Results:

JKS Scotland9946
NIKW 7564
Lanarkshire Karate Club5422
KUNI Banbridge5221
JKS Ireland1120
Drogheda School of Karate1000
KUNI Portadown0221
3 Rivers0130
Premier England0112
Claudy Karate Club0020