North South Karate Tournament 29th January 2022, Results

What a way to get back to karate competition!

The NIKW was delighted to return and host the North South Karate Championships on Saturday 29th January, after being unable to stage the competition last year. The tournament provided plenty of categories for all levels, ages & abilities, ensuring a wide variety of participants got the chance to demonstrate the training they have put in over recent years, in particular during recent difficult times that may have limited training time.

Sensei Brunton, chief instructor & president of the NI Karate Board, commented “I’m so glad we could return with this tournament again. The NI Karate Board continues to provide an environment where anyone training in karate can compete and put into practice what they are studying. We are always pleased to see our friends from across the island and beyond, who bring their competitiveness and respect for fair play, competing in a great atmosphere with local competitors”.
The competition was filled with great bouts across all categories.

Our thanks to the Referee’s & Judges, score keepers, coaches & volunteers who all help make the competition a great success.
Congratulations to all. See you next year!
The winners are shown below:

Special Category

1. Laura O’Hare, NIKW

10th to 7th kyu

1. Dominic Griniuk, Lanarkshire Karate AC
2. Austin Doherty, Lanarkshire Karate AC
3. Harrison Carty, Lanarkshire AC
4. James Cassidy, PLC Karate

6th to 4th kyu

1. Olaf Liwerski, NIKW
2. Liam Shek, NIKW

3rd kyu above

  1. Sebastian Magilton, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  2. Emmie McEwan, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  3. Jayden Warwick, Lanarkshire Karate AC

3.   Alyesha Mattewal, Lanarkshire Karate AC

Male Cadet

  1. James Thornbury, PLC Karate
  2. Joseph Breen, PLC Karate
  3. Jack Carson, NIKW

3.   Reece Taylor, Lanarkshire Karate AC

Male Junior

  1. Thomas Bell, NIKW
  2. Arlen Steenson, KUNI

Female Junior

  1. Katelynn McCracken, NIKW
  2. Mae Rose Keenan, KUNI Banbridge
  3. Hannah Rose Grady, KUNI Banbridge

3.   Ellie Campbell, KUNI Banbridge

Male Senior

  1. Thomas Bell, NIKW
  2. Daniel Creaney, PLC Karate
  3. Stephen Liggett, KUNI Banbridge

Female Senior

  1. Rachel McDonnell, KUNI Banbridge
  2. Carolyn Patterson, NIWIKF

Kumite Categories
Boys 6 and 7 years

  1. Kier McGeachy, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  2. Harrison Carty, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  3. Jake Prunty, NIKW
    3.   Ethan Ilardi, NIKW

Boys 8 and 9 years

1 Sebastian Magilton, Lanarkshire Karate AC
2. Evan McNab, Lanarkshire Karate AC
3 KIan McGeachy, Lanarkshire Karate AC
3. Jayden Warwick, Lanarkshire Karate AC

Boys 10 and 11 years 6 kyu and under

  1. Austin Doherty, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  2. Keir McDonald, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  3. Matthew Cully, PLC Karate
    3.Charlie Moss, Strabane Shotokan

Boys 10 and 11 years 6th kyu and above

  1. Marcel Gora, IKKU
  2. Luke Ryder, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  3. Aidan Scott, JKA Belfast

3.   Eoin Crawford, 3 Rivers

Boys 12 and 13 years

  1. Tyler Gibson, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  2. Marcel Gora, IKKU
  3. Brodie Hannigan, 3 Rivers

3.   Connor Gordon, IKKU

Male Cadet

  1. Carnal Kelly, IKKU
  2. Tomas Kelly, IKKU
  3. Joseph Breen, PLC Karate

3.  Kennan Donaghey, Claudy

Male Junior

  1. Leigh Sullivan, MS Shotokan Dublin
  2. Anthony Kelly, IKKU
  3. Arlen Steenson, KUNI Banbridge

3.  Ryan Coleman, IKKU

Male Senior

  1. Ben Robinson, KUNI Banbridge
  2. Thomas Bell, NIKW
  3. Dermot McFeely, Claudy

3.   Sam Livingstone, Satori

Male Veterans

  1. Stephen Liggett, KUNI Banbridge
  2. Phillp Strain, PLC Karate

Girls 6 and 7 years

  1. Ziva Alexander, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  2. Mollie Guy, PLC Karate
  3. Jodie Warwick, Lanarkshire Karate AC

Girls 8 and 9 years

  1. Heather Mackay, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  2. Thia Hannigan, 3 Rivers
  3. M J Cahill, KUNI Banbridge

3.   Grace McCloskey, Claudy

Girls 10 and 11 years

  1. Emmie McEwan, Lanarkshire Karate AC
  2. A Smith, Lanarkshire Karate AE
  3. Lily Mae Foley, 3 Rivers

3.   Caitlin Giambonini, PLC Karate

Girls 12 and 13 years

1 Jessica McBroom, KUNI Banbridge
2 Weronika Sajewska, Lanarkshire Karate AC
3 Lauren Wallace, 3 Rivers
3 Aoibheean Harding Lester, KUNI Banbridge

Female Cadet Kumite

1 Ava Clare, IKKU
2 E Lawlor, WIKF
3 Ellie Campbell, KUNI Banbridge
3 Arina Foley, IKKU

Female Junior

1 Zoe McDermott, MS Shotokan Dublin
2 Katelyn McCracken, NIKW
3 Eva McKinney, Claudy
3 Isla Williams, KUNI Banbridge