Online training sessions available

In order to keep members in their training routine, we’re offering some basic online training sessions with Sensei James Brunton.
We’ll use the app “Zoom”, and provide a code just before the training session is about to begin so you can join in.

  1. Ensure you have signed up to our newsletter. Sign up on our website here If you or your parent is getting this email, you are already on our newsletter register.
  2. Download the Zoom app from Apple App store or Android play store.
    Zoom Apple App store
    Zoom Android device
  3. Use the code which we’ll email you a few minutes before session starts. You need to be on our newsletter register to receive the code.

Tips for training sessions

  • Find a suitable space to train with a good bit of room, outside in the garden or a room with enough space;
  • Train in your suit. It will get you into the mindset of training and keep you there;
  • Be aware if others will come into the room or space, and stop if unsafe;
  • Enjoy as normal, and work up a sweat!