Results 2nd Brunton Cup Tournament

Brunton Cup Tournament

Held in the Girdwood Community Hub, 16th September 2017

The importance of youth development is central and the purpose of the tournament.
Giving young Karate-Ka a dedicated tournament to develop gain vital competition experience is essential to ensure they are well prepared and confident when higher level competitions come along.

Use this link 2nd Brunton Cup Karate Tournament results to see all the final place results of the Tournament


Club Position  Points


NIKW Belfast


2nd Banbridge Karate Club 19
3rd NIKW Antrim 13
4th Newcastle KUNI 6
5th NIKW Mount Eagles 5
5th NIKW Girdwood 5
7th NIKW Lisburn 3
7th Higashi 3
8th NIKW Loughmoss 1
8th NIKW Lorag 1
8th NIKW CWA 1


All the competitors showed real determination, courage and skill.

Club Winners, NIKW Belfast

Club Winners, NIKW Belfast

All competitors

Congratulations to all competitors










A special thanks to the NIKW Officials, Referees, Judges who helped run the event for all the young competitors and guests.

A final thanks to Parents, Guardians, family & friends who show their support and understand the importance of competition experience.


Sensei Oliver Brunton 7th Dan JKF,
World Karate Federation, Referee & Kata Judge