Spring Training Camp 2022

NIKW members enjoyed a thorough study of Karate-Do technique, the weekend of 4th to the 6th March. Gathering in the Ards peninsula in the spring time, the course aims to ensure students are able to study and appreciate all the benefits of karate. 

Sensei Oliver Brunton, a 7th Dan karate master with the Japanese Karate Federation, worked through many detailed aspects of technical study which can often be missing in other parts clubs. The NIKW enjoys the wealth of knowledge he brings and is leaving for future generations in Ireland to maintain.

Spring Camp 2022

Friday evening was a deep study of some of the basic principles of karate kicks, punches and blocks. Effective use of weight, timing of different parts of the body all culminating to make a devastating attack.

Saturday was devoted to Kata. An element of karate training which is sadly missing in many parts of the world, but is yet crucial to ensure a student fully appreciates all the facets of the martial art.

Students also got somewhat of a workout with a chance to develop kumite skills. Effective feet work and scoring techniques that are used in kumite matches at tournaments were worked on and used as part of some one v one sparring matches. 

The final day considered Kihon Gumite. Set fighting drills which if executing correctly, illustrate the style of Wado Ryu karate. These can be quite advanced so many students got the chance to begin to learn these, while other advanced students sought to perfect these further.

NIKW Spring Camp 2022
NIKW Spring Camp 2022

The NIKW finds these courses extremely useful for members. The time is necessary to be able to cover the depth and variety of topics that is needed for such a detailed study. Benefitting from the knowledge of such a high level karate master in Ireland, is an opportunity some will make sure they don’t miss.

If you are interested in learning more and attending future karate courses, keep in touch with our website for future events.