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NIKW Junior League results for 28th June 2022

The NIKW Junior league met again on Tuesday 28th June, with more members getting vital experience.Sensei James Brunton, chief kumite coach of the NI Karate Squad led the under 16yr olds in a brief warm up session and then it was down to business. Plenty of action was on display for friends and parents who …

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NIKW Young stars perform at European Karate Federation Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships

Two of the brightest Young students in the NIKW travelled to Prague recently to take part in the EKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Karate championships. Thomas Bell & Katelynn McCracken participated in their kumite events and performed well with each scoring a number of well executed points in their matches, however eventually loosing out to …

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Brunton Cup 2022 Karate championships

The NIKW staged its annual Youth Karate tournament in Antrim on 11th June, the Brunton Cup.The event is designed specifically for young students under 16yrs, and aimed at helping those with limited competition experience get their first chance to take part and understand some of the formalities that are part of competition.Sensei Oliver Brunton, chief …

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