Wado-Kai All Nation Championships 2018

The Northern Ireland Wado-Kai put forward a team to compete at the recent All Nations Championships this August 2018. Wado-Kai members from all across the globe competed in a high quality tournament held in Leicester, England on the weekend 25th & 26th Aug 2018.

Finals Day, Wado-Kai All Nations

Much of the team was made up of members for the NI Karate-Do Wado-Kai.
Luke Victory from Co Meath, joined the team, and showed great poise and composure in the U14yrs +48kg category, securing wins, and reaching the final only to fall just sort in the final. A silver medal at this level is a tremendous result. Thomas Bell, also in the same category used his experience to get into the final days fighting, where he competed against Englishman Samuel Philips, and just narrowly missed out on securing a bronze.

Katelynn McCracken, from NIKW Antrim lost out in the early rounds to a fast & strong Portuguese opponent. Great experience was gained for future competitions.

Fergus McMullan entered the -60kg category and done exceptionally well, securing a bronze in his individual category.

Iman Sanchooli competed in the Mens +84kg category and used his skill and years of experience to fight through to the finals, and confidently secured gold medal from Scottish fighter Kalib McIntyre.

James Brunton was in the -84kg category and confidently brushed aside opponents in the early rounds. Reaching the final again, last time in 2015, he came up against wily opponent, Naohaka Ishiham from Japan. A tense match, with both fighters showing tremendous skill and speed. The Japanese fighter managed to tease out a few points ahead of James in the final minutes. James Securing silver medal.

Iman Sanchooli; James Brunton; Oliver Brunton; Fergus McMullan (absent)


The NI team was Fergus McMullan, Oliver Brunton, James Brunton, and Iman Sanchooli.

The NI Kumite Team put up a tremendous effort, which saw them defeat Belguim, then England, which saw them secure bronze.

Finally coming up against Scotland who were able to defeat the NI team with 3 wins to 2.







In addition Northern Ireland was represented by two referees, Eddie McConnell and Violet Brown who gained great experience during the tournament. 
Refereeing  is vital and having experienced referees, to ensure tournaments held here are of highest quality is an important aspect of Karate development. 
All coached and assisted by Sensei Oliver Brunton snr, who represented Northern Ireland throughout the event and at Wado-Kai meetings.

Oliver Brunton; Thomas Bell; Katelynn McCracken; Luke Victory; Fergus McMullan; Iman Sanchooli; James Brunton